Template Blog SEO Friendly Terbaru: Responsive & Magazine Style

Koleksi Template Blog Magazine Style Terbaru: Unik, Keren,  SEO Friendly, Responsive!

BERIKUT ini CB share emplate Blog SEO Friendly dan Resposive Terbaru gaya majalah (Magazine Style) yang cocok untuk niche blog apa saja, khususnya Fifamag yang didesain khusus untuk majalah online sepakbola.

Template HelpDesk cocok untuk blog pendidikan, tutorial, atau organisasi. Demikian juga Managov. Intinya, ketiga template blog ini bisa digunakan untuk niche blog apa saja, tinggal disesuaikan atau dimodifikasi sesuai dengan selera.

Tiga Template SEO Friendly Responsive Magazine Style ini disebut terbaru, paling tidak terbaru dishare oleh CB Blogger. Desain CB sendiri yang terbaru adalah DetikStyle Blogger Template.

Salah satu kelebihan tiga template ini adalah keunikan desainnya. Silakan cek demo dan featurednya yang kualitas premium.

1. Helpdesk - Responsive Blogger Template

Helpdesk - Responsive Blogger Template

Features of HelpDeskTheme
  • 100% Responsive: HelpDeskTheme is fully responsive, so it will give consistent user experience in most of the devices. 
  • Responsive search bar in Home page: Yes, you can preview that nice responsive search bar in top of your blog
  • Portfolio: Its actually a portfolio, but will help to highlight specific topics(Labels or articles) in home page.
  • Related posts: New related post section with more accurate thumbnails.
  • Labels: Changed design of footer widget labels and sidebar labels to match this template for easier browsing of posts.
3. Fifamag - Reponsive Blogger Template

Fifamag - Reponsive Blogger Template

Features of Fifamag Blogger Template:
  • 100% Pure Responsive: Fifamag blogger template is 100% responsive we have made many responsive templates but Fifamag is one of the best among all the other responsive templates. You can check the responsiveness with the tool in our demo blog.
  • Search Engine Optimized: Fifamag is optimized for the search engines and will help you to increase the organic traffic to your site and niche blogs very quickly.
  • Featured Slider: Fifamag is equipped with felxslider and we have made it compatible to show slides directly from posts so you just need to change the label.
  • Carousel Slider: We have also added a stylish carosel slider just above the content area to display your important posts.
  • More Features: Ads ready,Menu, Featured Search, Social Buttons below posts and at the footer, Related Posts, 3 Column footer, stylish popular posts logo slider and a lot more.

3. Managov - Responsive Blogger Template

Managov - Responsive Blogger Template

Features of Managov Blogger Template:
  • 100% Pure Responsive: Managov is a responsive blogger template that will automatically fit in all the browser and screen resolutions like iPad, android, iPhone.(You can try resizing your page and can see the magic of its responsiveness).
  • Search Engine Optimized: Managov is an blogger template with high Seo score. We have added professional Seo plugins in this template that will help you to rank high in the search engine and will help you to get more traffic.
  • Customized Commenting System: Like all our other templates this template also contains customized commenting system which will make your blog look unique and professional.
  • Three Column Layout: The template has total 3 columns to showcase your work more perfectly.
  • Css3 Slider: The template contains image slider with caption pure build with css3, It is lite but very attractive and beautiful.
  • More Features: It has many more awesome features like responsive menu ,featured slider with extra column, pagination widget and good space for ads.
Tentu masih banyak sekali template blog majalah. CB sudah share sebelumnya di label Free Template dan di Galeri Template. Good Luck and Happy Blogging! (http://www.contohblog.com).*

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>> Lihat juga DetikStyle Blogger Template - untuk Blog Berita ala Detikcom.

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  1. makin mantap aja templatnya... bikin pengin ganti aja, udah make NJW v2 nih q gan

    1. NJW v2 is good, simple but seo killer :)


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