What is Trademark Indonesia and its Function for Business

For those of you who may be new, you may have heard of the term trademark or trademark. This is a symbol as well as an important character that can distinguish the authenticity of a product from others. 

The trademark Indonesia itself has been bound by law as a form of protection.

On the other hand, a trademark will make it easier for consumers to find the product they are looking for. As is known, business competition is getting tougher, so you need property rights if you don't want your ideas to be stolen or misused. 

Every company will certainly produce products with their own characteristics, so identity is considered important as well as giving value to a product. 

To better understand the trademark, below is the explanation:

What are Trademarks?

In general, trademarks include words, phrases, slogans, symbols to symbols that are intended and adopted by companies to make them different. 

This coverage will be introduced to consumers when marketed. The trademark indonesia in this case is also very helpful in increasing the company's brand awareness.

That way, consumers will easily remember the products that you have as well as recognize your trademark name so that their chances of returning are greater. But it needs to be understood if a trademark needs to be registered first to have property rights.

Trademark Functions for Companies

Get to know more, then what is the importance of Indonesian trademarks for a company. There are at least three important points that can help the company, namely:

1. Efficient Communication Tool

The logo that appears on a product is not just a form or tool mode. Indirectly, the logo becomes an effective communication medium for potential consumers. When you see a business logo, of course customers want to know what products they use, the name includes the advantages.

For example, when you see a laptop screen with the Apple logo, everyone will know if the product is of high quality and has a high selling value. Consumers will indirectly judge not only quality but also reputation to the quality of existing products.

2. Easy to Find Customers

Trademarks are differentiators from competing products, while avoiding the same name, so they need to be registered first through the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DJKI). Through this ownership, it is easy for consumers to find customers.

A simple example, when consumers come to the mall and look for sneakers. Many outlets are of course selling it, but visitors choose from several aspects such as how good the quality and the brand they have. For example for Nike where consumers will look for the Swoosh symbol on the product.

Now, in the digital era, many customers are looking for various information directly through the internet. 

Including reviews to ratings that influence the decision to buy or not. The number of competitors requires you to implement a more competitive marketing strategy, at the same time promoting product quality.

3. Anticipation of Plagiarism

Having a well-known product, especially if it is liked by many people, will certainly be an added value. Especially if the company tries to imitate or even falsify stored documents. 

If the owner does not register the trademark officially with the government, then ownership is automatically considered non-existent in the eyes of the state.

The other party, in this case, will not be caught by the law if they use the company's trademark. That is why registration of Indonesian trademarks is very important as an anticipation of plagiarism as well as legal protection. In broad terms, companies can avoid unwanted losses.*

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