Important tips to follow as a beginner entrepreneur considering SEO

Important tips to follow as a beginner entrepreneur considering SEO

By Elias Ford

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a crucial part of your business, especially as a beginner entrepreneur. This is because it is the most effective way to drive traffic to your business website without paying for advertisements. 

As a beginner entrepreneur with limited budgets, this can be a considerable advantage, especially when faced with huge competition. 

By using SEO, you can structure your website to build traffic through organic search. As opposed to paying for traffic through advertisements, the organic search involves using high ranking keywords present in search engines. 

These keywords are the common words that internet users input whenever they want to search for a product or service. Using the keywords related to your product or service is the first step in dabbling into SEO.

But there are some essential tips to take note of when considering SEO for your business. Some of them are discussed below:

You have to monitor where you stand

You cannot know if the effort you put into SEO is working unless you monitor your search standings. A good tool that you can use is MarketingVox. It provides suggestions that will help you keep an eye on your page rank. 

Other great tools to use are Alexa and Google toolbar. Also, checking your referral log frequently is vital because it enables you to track where your visitors are coming from and the specific keywords your audience uses to find your site.

Creating a clear site structure

Having an unstructured website will affect the navigation for search engine users and crawlers, no matter how many SEO tips you implement on your website. 

As a beginner entrepreneur having a website, you have to create a hierarchy that includes categories, pages, subcategories, headings, internal linking that reaffirms the structure of your website. 

Apart from this, having a clear site structure accomplishes some of your business objectives. One of them is that it enables Google crawlers to understand your website content and rank them accordingly. 

Also, it enables people to easily navigate your website, buy items from it, and probably return to the website in the future.

Using keywords

As a beginner entrepreneur, you have to be conscious of placing appropriate keywords all through every aspect of your website, especially parts like your titles, URLs, contents, and name of images. 

A good way of looking at this is by thinking about the words that people would use when looking for information on a service or product you offer.

Also, putting too many keywords is detrimental to your website because your audience and the search engine might label you as a spammer. 

Search engines are designed to ignore websites that are guilty of “keyword-stuffing”. This is why you must be strategic when placing keywords.

Prioritizing creation of content

Creating quality online content using SEO on social media and blogs is becoming one of the top marketing trends, especially for beginner entrepreneurs. 

Therefore, it is essential to note that long-form content will rank higher when compared to the short term. Also, the Google algorithm considers quality content in recent times. This can help you if you create content that matches your keywords, meta descriptions, and headlines. 

Finally, content that can be created does not only imply texts. You can use videos, photos and logos, without having to even break the bank. LogoCreator is a good place to get free visual aids.


The tips mentioned above are important in managing your business as a beginner entrepreneur to grow and stand out amongst your competitors. 

There are other SEO tips, but following these steps can transform your website traffic, thereby transforming your business.*

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